I am not offering birth doula services at this time. Please use this link to Homegrown Babies to find a great doula for your upcoming birth!

Birth Doula Services with Heart

​My birth doula services are offered within Homegrown Babies, a fabulous local doula company. Homegrown Babies also offers comprehensive and fun childbirth education, postpartum doula services, placenta encapsulation and prenatal and postpartum yoga instruction. My fellow doulas in Homegrown Babies augment my doula services in a beautiful way by providing stellar back-up and community support. It takes a village!

Birth is an everyday miracle. It is a time of great transformation and change. As a birth doula, I provide emotional, physical and educational support for you and your family before, during and shortly after the birth of your child. I am available to attend births at home or at Mission Hospital, the first baby-friendly certified hospital in the state of North Carolina.

Before your birth we spend time exploring your birth vision, desires, needs, questions, and fears. In getting to know you and your family, we discover how to best create an atmosphere of confidence and support surrounding your birth. We help you clarify your birth intentions, process previous birth experiences (if applicable) and learn what comfort measures during birth might work best for you.

I support women in their vision and capacity to birth naturally, with an epidural, during an induction, or cesarean birth. My goal is to empower you to birth from a place of knowing; harnessing and accessing your deep strength, wisdom and love as a Mother. This looks differently for each woman.

During the birth of your child I provide support with massage, assist with position changes, and offer hands-on comfort measures, homeopathics and aromatherapy as needed. I am committed to being by your side throughout the duration of your labor and delivery; helping welcome your child into the world with respect and care.

After your birth, I remain in the room with you and your team; taking photographs if desired and assisting with your baby’s first feeding. One-two postpartum visits are provided, offering evidence-based newborn care and breastfeeding information.

Make sure you also check out my craniosacral therapy services specific to pregnancy and postpartum.