Emily (she,her) is a practitioner of the healing arts; focusing in craniosacral therapy and somatic based energy healing. Her work is supported by her background and licensure as a massage therapist and birth doula. She is a Mother to two children, Rosie (4) and Zev (2).

She treats adults, children and babies. Craniosacral therapy treats the central nervous system and assists clients in inhabiting their bodies more fully and with more self-compassion. Because she treats the nervous system using a whole body approach, her work is appropriate and supportive for everyone as it reduces pain, stress and assists clients in accessing their own inner wisdom to discover root causes of their challenges. She often sees babies having breast or bottle-feeding issues, birth trauma, experiencing colic-like symptoms, and more. CST is also very supportive for birthing people during pregnancy and postpartum.

Her approach to bodywork, healing and wellness is grounded in body positivity.

Emily brings a depth of understanding in grief work and the healing that occurs when we accept and allow our feelings to move. She dreams of a world where families and those crossing the thresholds of life and death are fully centered and supported.

A doula in every sense of the word, although she is currently not actively attending births. She is a student of nature, Jewish mysticism, ancestral healing and house hold herbalism.

Emily is a creative writer, a lover of leisurely hikes and swimming in rivers. She embraces motherhood in all its expressions and honors it as a life-lab of learning, loving and growth.