Returning from Postpartum Leave!

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Rosalie in tummy time at around five months!

As I write these words, I laugh as I know what every Mother knows: we are postpartum for the rest of our lives.  The vulnerability, the love, the worry, the mystery, all the varied intricacies & intimacies of parenthood change us forever. It is with joy and gratitude that I return to my healing practice with a new presence & deeper and wider compassion for all the passages of life.

Rosalie Hawk Parker Haug was born on November 25th, 2017.  She has been my most challenging and beloved teacher, that’s for sure! We struggled with feeding issues, torticollis, tongue tie, a sensitive tummy and adjusting to extra-uterine life. I learned just how hard it is to take my own advice! Despite the hardship, my husband and I steadfastly did the Tummy Time Method, used baby furniture minimally, supported her with bodywork and what felt like endless baby wearing, rocking and holding. Although the process was slower than I had hoped, seeing how comfortable, happy & secure she is in her body today gives brings me joy.  I know that had we not intervened so early, these imbalances would not have resolved as fully and and would continue to impact her.  I can see now first hand how putting in the time and presence to fully support optimal development in the first year pays off in the long run of our lives as parents, and the lives of our children. The short-term work has big long-term gain! Plus, a lot of the “work” of supporting babies actually helps us to slow down as we remember to take our shoes off, set our phones down and get down on the floor and PLAY!

It is helpful for me to view Motherhood like a masterclass in mindfulness. Rosie is a constant call to presence for me, to patience, to returning to my breath and to what is most important in each moment.

I am excited to once again support clients of all ages and stages in my practice at Homegrown Families. This includes adults, pregnant & postpartum Mothers and babies and children. We are born to experience joy in our bodies, and to allow the expression of emotion to move freely and fully one moment to the next. I have shifted the focus of my practice away from traditional massage. My full therapeutic passion and expertise lay in what I call subtle bodywork. While my primary modality is craniosacral therapy, subtle bodywork encompasses over a decade of study in the fields of energy healing and craniosacral.

My focus is on coaxing out the innate healing capacities that lay within each of my clients already, equipping them with practical tools to encourage clarity, pain relief & nervous system resilience in a world that desperately needs us to be fully connected to our hearts and our highest purposes; with our feet firmly on the Earth. We all have an inner medicine cabinet of healing resources. We need only know how to begin to open the door.

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Take note that my fees have recently changed and are currently:
One Hour Adult Session: $85
Pediatric Intake: $65
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Book spotlight:

Kate Mackinnon’s new book is written for craniosacral therapy clients specifically. It is beautifully and simply written while both explaining the foundational supportive theory behind craniosacral therapy as well as providing simple ways for clients to get the most out of their sessions & find healing.

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