I discovered the healing arts as a late teen and enthusiastically embarked on educational and personal growth related pursuits in the field.  Fifteen years ago my first experiences with subtle bodywork approaches, including energy healing and craniosacral therapy, shifted how I related to myself and the world dramatically and profoundly as a struggling young adult.  My inner and outer life changed as I learned to listen deeply to my body and heart’s inner wisdom through the avenues of breath, meditation, movement and embodied writing and art practices. I am passionate about helping others inhabit their bodies and whole selves more fully and with more love, beginning at birth and continuing throughout the lifespan.

I became a massage therapist in 2006 and a professional birth doula through DONA International in 2010. I worked for several years at an integrative functional medicine practice as a clinic manager, supporting good medicine within a modern medical system that is too often confusing to navigate. I saw my role as a health advocate and resource; a service that I continue to offer clients in my practice.

I’ve been fortunate to work with highly esteemed teachers in the fields of energy medicine, massage, craniosacral therapy and birth doula work.  While supporting both the birthing and healing processes; I bring respect and knowledgeable, judgment-free care. While birthing and healing are profoundly unique experiences to each person, they are simultaneously the connecting threads that weave us together in our shared humanity. I give thanks every day to play the role that I do in both the momentous and mundane days in people’s lives!